Steve is a native of New York, but he prefers the laid-back atmosphere of Burnsville. His Burnsville home is one that he designed and built in his "spare time" over a three-year time period.  Steve states that the mountains have been "calling" him since he first saw them, and his dream of living and working there has now been realized.

Kay taught art in Greenville, South Carolina, for thirty-one years before she retired in 2002. Though her career was rewarding, she now enjoys pursuing her own artistic interests. Like Steve, she loves the mountains and finds

Burnsville to be a perfect mix of natural beauty and artistic inspiration.In her artist's statement Kay states, " My art represents my personal interests, such as texture, nature, and rural scenery.  My method, computer technology, allows me to present digitally layered views of my chosen subjects in almost infinite combinations of colors, transparencies, and patterns."
Steve has worked wood for more than forty years. His woodworking was more of a hobby than a business during the time he pursued a career in pharmaceuticals, but now that he is retired, he is able to devote more time to his passion for creating fine wood carvings and furniture. Using mainly hardwoods, he especially enjoys the challenge of making one-of-a-kind works, rather than pieces made from patterns or mass-produced designs. Operating from his basement workshop, he produces specialty pieces that range from small carvings to king-size beds.
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